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You've hid the glas sealing and don't know what to do from ther;

Next Level Just Arrived

Your soul just knocked at the door to your next level. 
What do you do about it?


Do you ignore it?
Or do you answer it?


Times are changing – and they are changning fast
For you who feel it – it is your time too

Get ready to enter the door at one level
And leave it in a whole other level

Success Story

Client Shares her vibe the day after;

What this day is all about

It’s a of full expansion

With gourmet lunch at restaurant SuRi, the scene is set

For you and your soul to realign and connect


A real life day with full focus on you,

your blind spots, your shadows, your beliefs,

how to resolve and re-calibrate.


To then gain full focus on your true soul path,

full potential, full expansion,

and get so clear, in trust and knowing,


that we double your prices before you walk out that door.

Spiritual + Millionaire coaching = Success

Want new? – Be new – I challenge you

“success doesn’t happen over night if you believe that,

but it definitely can if that’s your belief” – Maiken


This is only to tell you that’s it’s all about your belief system.

The best part is that we can do something about it!


I highly recommend that you don’t do this on your own for 3 factors;


  1. if you find your way to traumatic memories, you need a proffesionel to pull you out of the state.
  2. a professional see you with clear eyes, and see things you can’t recognise on your own.
  3. you don’t know, what you don’t know. Be on the group training, and you will get answers from the peer questions.


With these 3 factors in place you will feel your transformation run a lot quicker AND easier.

A date with your soul

a day to expand beyond beliefs and limits
$ 6500
  • Expand beyond beliefs and limits
  • Double your worth as a coach
  • Dinner and drinks with sea view

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need to commit?

Set of the entire day for this, not that we will be at the restaurant all day, but I’m there to give you exactly what you need. for some its 2 hours for others it’s less or more, depending on the needs. You know it’s all about commitment and prioritising, and by doing this for your soul, you will see magic appear all over you in your future. With me we don’t wish for the future, we create it.

What if I need more?

I will be there for all the support you need at the day, and also the days after when (and they will) questions appear, we will make sure to keep aligning after the re-calibration. I don’t give you what you want, but I’ll give you what you need. 

Any more questions?

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to on this page, the please send an email to and we’d be happy to help you!