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Do less and be more in balance with your business life, with the lunar cycle.

- Let the moon guide you -

Do you dream about getting balance and flow in your business?

You are busy in your business.



You are already doing so much, and even more needs to be done.



Your to-do list gets longer and longer.



In times it feels overwhelming and not possible.



I know it.

But what if you could thrive in your business with ease and flow?

Would you try it?


Maybe you’ve tried waking up in the middle of the night, feeling impossible to fall asleep again, and after a long night you find out it’s full moon. Then you already know the moon energy affect us. Timewater is affected by the moon, and signs shows that even women’s homone cycle tends to flow the lunar cycle.


The moon have been the guide for women throughout the past 1000 years. In old myths the moon cycle have been the tracker for women’s hormon cycle. There are basically 4 faces in the moon cycle as well as in the hormon cycle.


Your energy is not the same every day. Some days you feel your inner Wonder Woman and power through the day, and other days you feel like doing nothing…


Use the moon to thrive your business with ease.

The moon shines alot of energy, and vary depending on the faces, the zodiacs, the planets and eclipses.


Did you know that you can use the moons energy to your advantage?


You can start doing it by knowing and tracking the moons faces, whilst you recognize how you feel mentally and physically.


It will mean that by following the faces and tap in to the moon energy, you allow yourself to drive your business with ease.

I am very sensitive of others energies, and learned it the hard way, that I should protect it. I was so out of balance, that I went down with stress, depression and anxiety. After my sick period, I learned how to use the moon energies, in order to understand my own energies and get back in balance by following the faces of the moon.


Today I use the moon to run my business with ease.


My mission is to help women, like you, to get at better workflow and benefit from the feminine energies, that tends to get surpassed in the masculine world today. I will get people to see, that there is more in the universe than just this world.


When you begin the opening face, you will see how all of a sudden your business begin to thrive with ease, instead of you struggling with both time and money management.

It can be complex and time absorbing to search after the moon faces and meanings every other week, in relate to the zodiac signs, energies and planet places, in order for you to know what to be aware of and what energies you can use to manifest the upcoming period.


Thats why I made it easy for you. 


The Moon Business Podcast helps you excess more time and focus in your business every month. I’ll give you hands on tools too synchronise your business with the moon, in order for you to run your business with ease and flow, instead of resistance and lack. 

"Fantastic podcast. I think it's wild how I can use the moon in my business. I can really relate to what Maiken says in the podcast, and it helps me so much to understand, why I have been feeling the way I have, the last couple of days. Maiken is great communication focus points, so I know exactly what to work on. It's like having my own intuitive business mentor in ear every other week, but without using a ton of time or money."
- Natalie
"The episodes is super, and gives so much meaning to me! I had a wish to know more about the moon and it's energies. Until now I can relate 100 % to Maikens episodes, They have just been spot on what I felt, and she gives so many great ideas and rituals"
- Anne Katrine
"The things she said in the last episode was so wild, that I got goosebumps during the card reading of the current moon fase, it spoke right to me. Just the card I needed! I got tears in my eyes when she spoke about clairvoyance, and how like attracts like. That hit me right in the heart. I have a dream to be a clairvoyant medium. I know I am here to bring a message, so thanks for the motivation to move on with my dream. I can feel it resonates with my soul. Thousand thanks!"
- Anne Andersen

With the moon podcast you get;

🌙 Explanations on the energy of the moon, so you’ll get understanding on, why your energy is how it is.


🌙 Specific mindset tools to handle the current energies and get your work-life in the right balance.


🌙 Specific advice every other week, both private and business wise, for you to thrive your business life with ease.


🌙 Quick tips to get trough the days with ease in relation to the moon cycle and energy level.


🌙 Tools rituals, that helps you create balance in your business life.


🌙 Short episodes of 9-19 minutter, in order for you to get going with an amazing working day, with the ease of a clear focus.

Total value =

269 € + tax pr. md.

Your price = 5,5 € + tax pr. md.

Your investment will show you, How you manifest with the moon, and live with ease and flow. With an investment of only 5,5 € + tax pr. month, you will optimise your energy in your business and take quantum leaps – without burning out.


If you subscribe now, you will get 14 days free trail, to try it out, with no commitment period but your own mind.


Not even the sky is the limit. The only limit is your own mind. 

How does it work?

After your payment is accepted, you will get an email with login information and the link to the podcast.
As soon as you login, you’ll get access to the Moon Business Podcast, where you can listen to the latest episode right away, and as many times you need it, until next episode is up. 


I tell in every episode short and sharp, what moon fase we are current in, what meaning the energy haves in your business and how to use it.


Every episode is only available in the current 2 week period. Afterwords it’s outdated and replaced with a fresh episode.


You’ll get specific and hands on tools, to clear out the road of your business, but also in your private life.


The Moon Business Podcast is for you, if:

🌟 You wish to understand your energy.
🌟 You want more flow and balance in your business.
🌟 You wish to scale your business with ease.
🌟 You crave tools to selfdevelopment.
🌟 You feel drawn to the moon.
🌟 You wanna dive more in to the spiritual practise.

Still not sure if it's something for you?

The Moon Business Podcast is designed to help you get more clarity and balance back in your business. 


The Moon Business Podcast members tells, how they’ve got a better understanding of there own energies, and how to use it optimal in their business life. To go with the flow of there natural cyclic being, and lean back in the faith of the moon.


You won’t find it any cheaper anywhere else, how to get a grip on the moon energy in relations of the business to a easy flow.

Get simple and specific advise:

You can get simple and specific advise in more than one way. Often people will hire a business mentor, but maybe that’s out of your budget and you feel like, it’s too time absorbing for you right now. If you wish to get simple and specific advice, how to handle the energy trough out every month, in the dream of scaling your business with ease, then this podcast is the right fit for you.


Many members are happy for the specific advising, they get, and the results of them.


“I experience more calmness and ease in my daily life, after I started listening to the moon business podcast, because I understand my current energy level and how to use it” 

Save time with the moon

It takes a lot of hours and courses to understand, how the moon energy is from fase to fase, because it gets affected of many aspects, one of them is the zodiac signs.


I got the training and experiences to make it easy to understand and only share, what you need to hear. I am a woman entrepreneur myself, and have been since 2016, and I know how to solve the challenges, you might be in right now.

I created The Moon Business Podcast, for you to get the specific advise you need, in order of your energy to the upcoming work tasks on your plaid. You can also use the podcast for personal development, because as you may know, when you are self-employed your life and work becomes a oneness. 


Thereby you will save both time and money by following The Moon Business Podcasten every month.

Are you ready to create more balance in your business life?

Klick the link below and you will get right to the subscription side. When you have filled out your payments and pushed the final buy button, you will get an email with your receipt and acces to The Moon Business Podcast.


If you got any questions, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Get going now

Moon Membership

5,5 € + tax pr. month

Get access to

 ✔ Explanation why your energy is how it is.


✔ Specific advise how to get in balance.


✔ Suggestions to monthly focus, of your business leaping with ease.


✔ Quick tips and tricks to the optimal way trough the lunar days and the energies. 


✔ Tools and rituals, to help you in balance.


✔ Short episodes of 9-19 minuttes, that sets you of with a clear intension and right focus in your business day.


✔ No time limit – you can unsubscribe anytime.