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Know you are meant for something more? BUT WHAT? It's time to unleash it, and this is it;

The BOOK Plan

Tuesday 14/03/2023

(the business & money day of the month)


9amLIVE – Create the irresistible theme of your book


10amLIVE – How to write your entire book in flow


11amLIVE – Launch your Legacy as a best selling book



Attract happy readers like this;

Sharing their gratitude for mirroring the real you, get 5 star reviews and reach number one best selling author in just a day;

What the BOOK EVENT is all about

I’m gonna show you the exact roadmap to your first & next major breakthrough in your spiritual business life. 


Giving you the 3 keys needed and time to implement what I used to my first 2 book to number one best selling.


A safe space with a peer group of possible future friends, remember;


“you become your fucking peer group”


You’ll get a once in a lifetime live training & personal support from me


-everytime will be different when I channel what the collective group needs- 


1 Chance

1 Challenge

1 Commitment


And I guarantee that you are on your right path in just 1 week,

and maybe even flying high with finally getting your book from dream to reality.


“I personally had my book in mind and a few pages on paper for 4 years before I took myself serious enough to higher a coach for that exact job, getting the book done! it would never had happen if I didn’t make that move, believing I dont have to do everything on my own, and it pays back to pay for accountability. without that I would never have reached number one best selling rank or touching all the souls who already gave the feedback that my book was exactly what they were waiting for. THAT IS PRICELESS. I’m over the moon that I stepped out of my own way and believed in a scared dream. You never know if you never try: So be the change you want to see.

Spiritual + Business coaching = Success

Want new? – Do new – I challenge you

“success doesn’t happen over night if you believe that,

but it definitely can if that’s your belief” – Maiken


This is only to tell you that’s it’s all about your belief system.

The best part is that we can do something about it!


I highly recommend that you don’t do this on your own for 3 factors;


  1. if you find your way to traumatic memories, you need a proffesionel to pull you out of the state.
  2. a professional see you with clear eyes, and see things you can’t recognise on your own.
  3. you don’t know, what you don’t know. Be on the group training, and you will get answers from the peer questions.


With these 3 factors in place you will feel your transformation run a lot quicker AND easier.

Frequently asked questions

How much time do I need to commit?

You need to commit to at least the time and dates with live training, and also block out an hour or two the following days. You know it’s all about commitment and prioritising, and by doing this for yourself, you will see magic appear in your future.

In here we don’t wish for the future, we create it.

What if I need 1 on 1 help?

There is a lot of support and help in the community and live trainings. if that’s not enough for you, then there is very limited VIP spots, for maximum support and troubleshooting. It’s for you who wanna make sure you thrive from day one. If you wanna know more then contact me personally.

Any more questions?

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to on this page, the please send an email to and we’d be happy to help you!